Representing Employers

Mr. Pearline also represents employers who may face legal claims from their employees. There
are a number of legal claims that might be brought against an employer. The type of claims that
can be brought against an employer are detailed under employee claims.

Mr. Pearline’s experience in bringing claims against employers makes him uniquely qualified to
defend employers who are charged with illegal discrimination, failure to pay overtime pay,
wrongful denial of leave, wrongful discharge, defamation, fraud, and breach of contract. He also
defends employers against claims by former employees for unemployment compensation from
the Virginia Employment Commission.

Mr. Pearline’s representation of employers is not just limited to defending against employee
claims. He also will represent employers against disloyal employees who may (1) breach their
fiduciary duty owed to the employer, (2) steal an employer’s trade secrets, (3) breach a covenant
not to compete, or (4) otherwise violate some other contractual provision with their employer.

Mr. Pearline can also help employers to avoid a lawsuit by assisting the employer in drafting
well-crafted employment handbooks, and by providing appropriate training to management and
human resource staff. Mr. Pearline’s experience in successfully prosecuting cases on behalf of
the employee has provided him invaluable insight into what employers do right and what they do
wrong in handling employment relations.

Mr. Pearline’s representation of employers will be on an hourly fee basis.